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The personal data collected and processed through this website will be treated in accordance with the regulations governing the protection of personal data. The personal data will be incorporated into a file dependent on redcanari.

1. Identification data In compliance with the duty of information contained in article 10 of Law 34/2002, of July 11, on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, the following data is reflected below: redcanari es the owner of the website with the following information:

  • Titular website: redcanari
  • Address: Avenida Rafael puig Lluvina, 37 – LOC 10 1, COSTA AD, Adeje, 38670, Arona santa cruz de Tenerife (España)
  • Email general:

2. Users The access and/or use of the redcanari websites attributes the condition of USER, who accepts, from said access and/or use, the General Conditions of Use reflected here. The aforementioned Conditions will be applicable regardless of the General Contracting Conditions that, in their case, are mandatory.

3. Conditions of Access and Use

  • Access and use is free for the private use of USERS and does not require subscription or registration of these. However, the use of some SERVICES may only be made by USERS expressly authorized by redcanari
  • The USER is obliged to make correct use of the website and its SERVICES in accordance with the Law and the TERMS, committing not to cause damage to the physical and logical systems of redcanari, its suppliers or third parties, introduce or spread on the network computer viruses or any other physical or logical systems that are likely to cause the aforementioned damage.
  • The USER undertakes to use the Contents and SERVICES in a diligent, correct and lawful manner and, in particular, undertakes to refrain from using the Contents in a manner, or for purposes or effects contrary to the Law, the TERMS, as well as against common sense and generally accepted good habits that may engage in illicit, illegal or contrary to good faith and public order activities.
  • The USER undertakes not to try to access and, where appropriate, use the accounts and passwords of other users as well as to access, disclose, modify or manipulate their contents and data.
  • The USER must refrain from deleting, altering, evading or manipulating any protection device or security system that was installed on the website.

4. Use of cookies redcanari, may use cookies to personalize and facilitate the USER’s navigation through its websites as much as possible. Cookies are only associated with an anonymous USER and his computer and do not provide references that allow the deduction of the USER’s personal data. The USER may configure his browser to notify and reject the installation of cookies sent by redcanari, without this impairing the USER’s ability to access the Contents.

5. Links The links or hyperlinks to other Internet sites that appear on the websites are provided solely for informational purposes, redcanari will not exercise any type of control over said sites and content. In no case will Redcanari assume any responsibility for the contents of any link belonging to a third-party website, nor will it guarantee the technical availability, quality, reliability, accuracy, breadth, veracity, validity and constitutionality of any material or information contained in any of said hyperlinks or other Internet sites. Likewise, the inclusion of these external connections will not imply any type of association, merger or participation with the connected entities.

6. Modifications redcanari reserves the right to make the modifications it deems appropriate to its websites without prior notice, being able to alter, delete or add both the content and services provided through it and the way in which they appear presented.

7. Right of exclusion redcanari, reserves the right to deny or withdraw access to its websites and/or the services offered without prior notice, at its own request or by a third party, to those users who fail to comply with these General Conditions of Use.

8. Exclusion of guarantees and redcanari responsibility, is not responsible, in any case, for damages of any nature that could cause, by way of example: errors, commissions in the contents, lack of availability of the website as well as the transmission of viruses or malicious or harmful programs in the contents, despite having adopted all the necessary technological measures to avoid it.

9. Generalities redcanari, will pursue the breach of these conditions as well as any improper use of its websites, exercising all civil and criminal actions that may correspond to it by law. If any Entity or Person believes that material owned by them has been used in a way that may violate their copyright and intellectual property rights, contact redcanari

10. Applicable legislation and jurisdiction The Terms and Conditions and the relationship between redcanari, and the USER, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction, will be governed by the laws of the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Spain). redcanari, may modify these TERMS without prior notice.

Safety and protection for buyers

Online payments for purchases are made either through Redsys (BBVA payment gateway) or cash on delivery. Therefore, the buyer will enjoy the protection offered by these channels at all times.

They are purchases made in Spain.

Order Cancellation

You can cancel your order at any time as long as its status is “Awaiting payment by bank transfer”. In the event that you have already made the payment but your order is not yet in “Awaiting payment by bank transfer”, the amount will be refunded using the same method in which you made the payment. To cancel an order, you must provide the order number via email to from the same email address with which you registered in our store or with which you made the order.

Return and Refund


Remember that in case of cancellation of your order you must return the router. There are several ways:

  1. Once your order has been cancelled, a messenger will contact you to make an appointment to pick up the router at your home, at no additional cost.
  2. If you cannot attend our messenger, you can send us the router Address: Avenida Rafael puig Lluvina, 37 – LOC 10 1, COSTA AD,Adeje,38670, tenerife

Contract Conditions


These general conditions regulate the contract for the provision of the Internet and Telephony access service signed between the Client and REDCANARI S.L. (hereinafter, “REDCANARI S.L”), with registered office at Av, Rafael Puig Lluvina 37 and with C.I.F. CIF number B-10917318 Hereinafter, the Client and REDCANARI S.L will be referred to jointly as the “Parties” and individually as the “Party”. The Parties, mutually and reciprocally recognizing full capacity to be bound by this document, declare: 1. That the company REDCANARI S.L is a Broadband Operator that has its own or external telecommunications infrastructure, based on 4G LTE and FIBER technology; 2. Likewise, REDCANARI S.L offers quality Internet, Fixed and Mobile Telephony services in rural and non-urban areas, without the need for telephone wiring; 3. That the Client is interested in contracting the services provided* by REDCANARI; That, based on the foregoing, the Parties agree to sign this Contract for the Provision of Electronic Communications Services (hereinafter, the “Contract”), which will be governed by the following general conditions of the Contract (hereinafter, “CGC ”). The Client expressly declares and accepts that they have read all the provisions included in these CGC, which are also published on the REDCANARI website, that is: * FTTH, Mobile rates and FTTH landline packages with CMV codes are provided by the company VODAFONE, S.A.U. (VODAFONE, brand of the VODAFONE group) with registered office at Avenida de América, 115, 28042 Madrid, and CIF A80907397 through the collaboration of REDCANARI S.L, who has a marketing, customer service and billing and collection contract for you. You can find the general contracting conditions for these services at: *Rates with LCR code: The client authorizes VODAFONE, S.A.U with CIF A80907397 to carry out in his name and representation whatever actions are necessary to ensure that the PORTABILITIES are carried out of their telephone numbers, being able to sign the pertinent portability requests for this purpose. Through this application, the undersigned client authorizes and grants power to REDCANARI S.L. to represent and carry out on their behalf whatever actions are necessary to ensure that the telephone portability associated with the indicated telephone numbers is carried out, being able to sign the pertinent portability requests for this purpose. Likewise, the Client authorizes that his personal data, necessary to process this request, may be transferred to the companies that intervene in the service provision process, without prejudice to the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13. , Protection of Personal Data and development regulations. FIRST. – Definitions. 1.1 The Internet service that REDCANARI provides to the CLIENT is an access service to the Internet network with access to all types of information and services published on the Internet, with the particularity of operating through a wireless access system. 1.2 The IP telephony service that REDCANARI provides to the CLIENT consists of providing the CLIENT with a telephone number that will allow the CLIENT to make (or receive) all kinds of outgoing and incoming voice calls to or from any third-party operator. This IP telephony Service is a service differentiated from the telephone service available to the public, and, in accordance with the regulations, is subject to a series of technical and legal limitations with respect to ordinary telephone service. The mobile telephone service that REDCANARI provides to the CLIENT is a mobile telephone service and access to the Data network in the Contract or Postpaid modality, by means of (i) a SIM card owned by REDCANARI, delivered to the CLIENT for this purpose; (ii) as well as a secret personal identification number (“PIN”) to access the terminal; and (iii) the personal unlock code (“PUK”), the CLIENT must duly safeguard them. It is up to the CLIENT to make responsible use of the Service. REDCANARI does not assume any responsibility derived from the lack of veracity of the data provided by the CLIENT and/or the loss, deterioration, theft or misuse of the SIM card and/or access code by the CLIENT or by any third party, responding the CUSTOMER of all traffic, use and misuse of the SIM card. Without 2)

Notwithstanding the foregoing, REDCANARI, after identifying the CLIENT and his personal circumstances, may take the measures at its disposal to avoid harm to him from the date on which, through the Customer Service, he communicates the evidence or suspicion of the loss, theft or theft of your SIM card or access codes. SECOND. – Description of the services provided by REDCANARI (hereinafter, the “Services”). 2.1 The Services, which will be provided by REDCANARI, will provide the Client, based on what they have subscribed to in the “Service Details” section, high-speed Internet connection, with various associated services and applications, including the option to contract services of telephony. 2.2 The maximum available flow is specified in the “Modality” section of the Contract. The Services are offered to you exclusively as an End Customer and for use based on good faith. THIRD. – Requirements and previous agreements for the connection of the Services. 3.1 The system requires the installation at the Client’s home of particular equipment in order to receive the Services, in such a way that these can only be provided at the home where the equipment is installed.

The Customer must ensure that any equipment in use or connected to said Services bears the “CE” (“Consumer Equipment Standards”) mark and must be used under the safety procedures and instructions. 3.2 The Client must guarantee the permanent connection to the electrical current (220v -240v), putting the necessary means to protect voltage fluctuations outside the indicated parameters. 3.3 The Client, upon REDCANARI’s request, must facilitate access to its facilities to technical services, physically or by computer means, from the moment of signing this Contract and as long as it is a REDCANARI Client. 3.4 The Client authorizes REDCANARI to install, at the address where the Service is to be provided, the necessary equipment for a greater guarantee in the provision thereof. 3.5 REDCANARI will provide the Client with instructions regarding the use of the Services, in order to ensure their proper functioning and quality. The Client must comply with said instructions. 3.6 REDCANARI does not guarantee support for file sharing programs, P2P traffic or that require a continuous high use of bandwidth. REDCANARI may limit the number of sessions available for these applications. FOURTH. – Use of the Service. 4.1 The Client will take due precautions to ensure that there is no misuse of the Services, in particular and among others, any use related to: – Fraudulent use or in relation to any criminal offence; – Sending, receiving, uploading, downloading or using any material that is offensive, abusive, indecent, defamatory, obscene or threatening, or violates any term of copyright, confidentiality, privacy or any other right; – Promote or send unwanted mail (spam) or provide advertising or promotional material or receive spam, advertising or unsolicited material, sent or by a third party; – Any other action that is considered detrimental to the provision of the Service to customers; – Actions in violation of the rules, laws, licenses and rights of third parties or in breach of the REDCANARI use acceptance policies; – Any action that does not comply with the instructions provided to the Client. – Redistribution of REDCANARI Services to a third party, both free of charge and for a fee. 4.2 The Services provided by REDCANARI are for the exclusive use of the Client and will be provided in the place where the equipment has been installed. Therefore, the resale, transfer, assignment, sub-assignment or sub-license of said Services (and/or any part thereof) or associated software is not allowed, unless REDCANARI grants express and written permission. Any breach of what is established in the preceding section will entitle REDCANARI to interrupt the provision of the Service, without prejudice to subsequent actions that correspond to it. 4.3 The interruption of the Service mentioned in section 4.2 will not entitle the Client, in any case, to be compensated. FIFTH. – Responsibility for the equipment installed in the Client’s home. 5.1 The Services provided by REDCANARI include the necessary equipment for a correct provision and 3)

connection of the same, which are assigned to the Client until the termination of the Contract. 5.2 The equipment mentioned in the preceding section are the following: (i) a CPE and (ii) the wiring. 5.3 In the event that the Client requests the termination of the Contract, the Client undertakes to return to REDCANARI the equipment installed by it at the address in optimal conditions and within fifteen (15) calendar days from the termination of the Contract. The return of the same must be made at the central offices of REDCANARI or by any other means that REDCANARI authorizes. In the event that the Client has not returned the equipment in correct condition within the aforementioned period, REDCANARI may demand the following amounts as compensation for non-return: (i) NINETY EUROS (90,-€) in the event that the contracted service either FIBER, or (ii) ONE HUNDRED FIFTY EUROS (150,-€) if the service is LTE or FTTH 5.4 The equipment installed by REDCANARI is the responsibility of the Company, so REDCANARI will proceed to replace it in case of malfunction or break. Excluded from this replacement are damages caused by failures from electrical adapters, low voltage extension cords, acts of God or force majeure (lightning, storms, etc.), and any other damage not attributable to REDCANARI. 5.5 REDCANARI is not responsible for the theft or deterioration of the equipment by external agents. 5.6 The Client will be responsible for any consequences due to manipulation of the equipment carried out by persons outside the REDCANARI technical team. 5.7 The Client assumes responsibility for failures of the Services caused by viruses or other computer attacks. SIXTH. – Guarantee and responsibility of the Services. 6.1 In the event of a breakdown or theft, REDCANARI undertakes to restore the supply prior approval of the budget by the Client. 6.2 REDCANARI guarantees the provision of the Services as long as the inclement weather does not vary from the average statistical conditions of the installation area. 6.3 REDCANARI undertakes to provide the availability of the Services within the coverage limits, but cannot absolutely guarantee that the Services include all local specificity or that they are accessible by the Client at all times. 6.4 REDCANARI cannot guarantee that the Client has the contracted speed.

in all cases. In any case, REDCANARI will make its best efforts so that the Client has the maximum speed technically possible with the modality of the Internet Access Service that corresponds to him. 6.5 REDCANARI will not be responsible for any loss of opportunity, will, reputation, business, margin, benefit or savings that the Client may suffer as a consequence of a specific suspension, crash, system failure, etc., during the use of the Services. The Client will not be entitled to receive any compensation for the losses suffered in the cases indicated in the preceding section. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Client will have the right to be compensated for temporary interruptions attributable to REDCANARI that are regulated in the eighth stipulation of these CGC. 6.6 REDCANARI will not be responsible for the loss of provision of the Services, when they have been caused by interference by third parties. 6.7 The Services provided by REDCANARI allow the Client access to the Internet. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Internet access is not linked to the use that the Client gives to it. Any inappropriate or illegal use of the Service will be the responsibility of the Client himself and he will be subject to the applicable regulations in this regard. REDCANARI will not be responsible for the goods, services, information, software or other material that can be obtained through the Internet. SEVENTH. – Operator change processes. 7.1 The Client assigns to REDCANARI the portability rights of his telephone number to allow it to be ported to the primary fixed or mobile telephone operator that at all times provides to REDCANARI, in order for the Client to keep his telephone number and to that you receive the Services in the best possible conditions. 7.2 In this case, REDCANARI may transfer the Client’s personal data to the new operator and sign by proxy as many documents as necessary. EIGHTH-. Temporary interruption of telephone service available to the public and Internet access. 8.1 Temporary interruption of the telephone service available to the public (hereinafter, “Telephone Service”). When 4)

during a billing period and for reasons attributable to REDCANARI, the Client cannot enjoy the contracted Telephone Service, REDCANARI will be obliged to indemnify the Client in accordance with the provisions of article 15 of Royal Decree 899/2009, of May 22, for which approves the bill of rights for users of electronic communications services. Notwithstanding the foregoing and for the compensation to be made effective, the Client must notify REDCANARI, as soon as it happens, of any incident suffered. Once the Client has notified REDCANARI of the problem, REDCANARI will provide him with an incident number and will try to solve it as soon as possible. 8.2. Temporary interruption of the Internet access service (hereinafter, “Internet access service”). When during a billing period and for reasons attributable to REDCANARI, the Client suffers temporary interruptions to the Internet access Service, REDCANARI will be obliged to indemnify the same in accordance with the provisions of article 16 of Royal Decree 899/2009, of 22 May, which approves the bill of rights for users of electronic communications services. 8.3 In no case will the Client have the right to be indemnified by REDCANARI in the following cases -among others-: a) Non-compliance by the Client with the contractual conditions, especially in case of fraud or delay in the payment of The fees; b) For damages caused to the network due to the connection by the Client of terminal equipment that has not been evaluated for conformity, in accordance with current regulations. NINTH. – Temporary suspension due to non-payment of the Telephone Service from a fixed location, Internet access or higher rate services. 9.1 REDCANARI may, with prior notice to the Client, temporarily suspend the Telephone Service when the Client is late in total or partial payment in the terms provided by law. 9.2 Likewise, if the Customer is late in paying for Internet access services or higher rate services, especially the additional rate service, REDCANARI may suspend the provision of such services. 9.3 When the temporary suspension has occurred due to non-payment by the Customer, the Telephone Service must be maintained for all incoming calls (except reverse charge calls), as well as for outgoing emergency calls. TENTH. – Definitive interruption due to non-payment of the telephone service from a fixed location. 10.1 REDCANARI may, prior notice to the Client, definitively interrupt the provision of the service and terminate the Contract in the cases established in article 20 of Royal Decree 899/2009, of May 22, which approves the user’s bill of rights of electronic communications services. 10.2 In the event that REDCANARI definitively interrupts the provision of the Services, the Client must proceed to return the equipment in the time and manner established in section 5.3 of this Contract. ELEVENTH. – Temporary suspension by the Client 11.1 The Client may temporarily unsubscribe from the Services that have this option available, notifying REDCANARI using the form found at the following address: It can be consulted at the services that have the temporary leave service available. During the temporary low, REDCANARI will invoice a line maintenance service of three (3) euros plus I.V.A.

11.2 The Client can reactivate his connection, after a temporary cancellation, communicating it through the form found at the following address: 11.3 The Services will be billed from the day the connection is reactivated until the end of the month, with the Contract automatically being extended on a monthly basis. 11.4 Temporary cancellations must be communicated before the twenty-fifth (25) day of the month prior to the month in which the Client wants the cancellation to be effective, starting the line maintenance service from day one (1).

11.5 The maximum duration of a temporary leave must be less than twelve (12) months. Once that period is over, the temporary withdrawal will become permanent withdrawal. In this case, REDCANARI will proceed to terminate the Contract. 11.6 In case of reconnection, the Customer must pay the amount of the fees that are applicable at that time. 11.7 Notwithstanding the foregoing, in case of non-payment, the Client will be liable for the expenses generated by the return. TWELFTH. – Contractual modifications. 12.1 Fixed and mobile telephone rates in force at any time 5)

They are published on the website and can be modified by REDCANARI at any time. 12.2 REDCANARI may modify this Contract for the following reasons, among others: variations in the technical characteristics of the equipment or networks, technological changes that affect the service, variations in the economic conditions existing at the time of contracting the service, evolution of the market, adaptation to new market conditions, etc. notifying the Client one (1) month in advance of the date on which the modification will be effective, by any means that REDCANARI deems appropriate so that the Client is aware of such modification and of the new rates. 12.3 In such cases, the Client will have the right to terminate the Contract without having to indemnify REDCANARI for this, without prejudice to other commitments acquired by the Client itself. The early termination will be governed by the same conditions established in stipulation 19.2 in relation to the early termination of the Contract. 12.4 Notwithstanding the foregoing, and in the event that the Client terminates the Contract having a permanence commitment with REDCANARI, the Client must indemnify REDCANARI with the proportional part to the number of non-effective days of the agreed permanence commitment. In the event that the Client has taken advantage of a special promotion, the conditions on the permanence of the promotion will prevail over this THIRTEENTH clause. – Specific conditions of the installation and stipulated price. 13.1 The monthly price agreed for the provision of the contracted high-speed Internet connection, fixed and mobile telephony services is that included in the particular conditions of the contract (CPC). 13.2 The rest of the prices for the provision of additional Services will be those contracted by the Client in the CPCs. In case of rate changes, the new prices will be published with a period of one (1) month in advance. 13.3 The installation includes a maximum of twenty (20) meters of wiring. The older cable meter will be billed at six euros per meter (6,-€/meter). FOURTEENTH. – Billing and collection by REDCANARI. 14.1 With the signing of this Contract, REDCANARI will present its first receipt to the Client in which will be collected: (i) the installation amounts (in case the installation has been carried out directly by REDCANARI), and (ii) the first installment payment for the contracted Services. 14.2 Each month REDCANARI will issue, by email, an invoice before the fifth (5) day of each month detailing: (i) the base fee for the current month plus (ii) the additional consumption of the previous month. The Client accepts as valid and only the form of sending by email. 14.3 REDCANARI will present monthly receipts, between the first (1) and ten (10) days of each month in the account indicated by the Client in this Contract, for the payment of the issued invoices. The Client expressly authorizes in this act that the REDCANARI receipts corresponding to the issued invoices be charged to the bank account provided by the Client in this Contract, or by credit or debit card provided by the Client in the event of that there was 14.4 Notwithstanding the foregoing, any reprogramming or repair service attributable to the Customer will be paid for at the time it is performed. 14.5 REDCANARI may notify the Client by email and/or SM S of any non-payment of the Services provided. FIFTEENTH. – Right to disconnect. 15.1 The Client will have the right to notify REDCANARI of his intention to disconnect from the international calls service and additional rate services.

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